Erionwell V Large.jpg

Erionwel was first birthed in the Summer of 2018 on a long drive to Sheffield to visit my brother. 

It began with Eleusaria, based loosely on my love for all things Tolkien, and has been growing outward ever since. 

My love of ancient legends & mythology has shaped Erionwel, and from its mythos to the cultural norms of each country contained within it has been shaped with care and attention to present something I have yet to see elsewhere: a world based on the combined cultural heritage of pre-medieval The Silk Road.

I've drawn on my own heritage to include stories and environments not usually found in Western fantasy. 

Indhiri is heavily inspired by my Anglo- Indian heritage, and helped set the tone for a matrilineal world where art, poetry and song are held in great regard by all cultures. 

Cinella is the result of my Italian heritage and the question that's been nagging at me since I was a child, what would it be like if the Roman Civilisation had survived?

A conscious effort has gone into making each location within the world feel living, breathing and flawed. This is a world where good and evil are subjective, a world without racial divide or stereotyping. 

All are welcome to Erionwel, if they come in peace and friendship.

May The Great Mother guide you.