• Storytelling is a collaborative societal experience. It exists to share values and create bonds between us. 

  • Everyones voice deserves to be heard as long as they come in peace and acceptance of others. 

  • No one should be persecuted because of their beliefs, ethnicity or culture. 

  • Earths Embers is a space for friends to be made. 

  • There is a wide wealth of human experience & culture, and we welcome new stories, new visions and new voices. 

  • We might not get things right first time, but we are always willing to learn and to grow. 

  • We encourage debate as long as it remains respectful, productive and kind. 

  • We have a duty to leave this world better than we found it. Our stories reflect that. 



Earths Embers is committed to equality, diversity & inclusivity in our world, and our casting reflects this. All people are valued, welcome and seen at our table and we have zero tolerance on prejudice, discrimination or hate speak. 

We strive to be a safe space for our cast and audience members, and welcome any input as to how we can do better. 

Our game sessions are set up using safety tools including "Consent in Gaming" from Monte Cook Games, and deep care and attention goes into ensuring the safety & comfort of our cast before, during and after recording.  


All art & music is either designed in house, or both credited and paid when external creators are used. We strongly believe in paying people for their work. 

If you've got any suggestions or concerns please let us know and we will get back to you as soon as we can.



Our cast own their own characters and stories, and are welcome to share and use them as they like. 

The world of Erionwel itself is owned by J M Di Girolamo and is copyrighted 2021 all rights reserved. 

Fan art is encouraged and welcomed! It's your work, you own it now and always... just please tag or link us in it and credit the character creator! 


Be respectful: others have feelings & experiences that may differ from yours. 

Be kind: never intentionally set out to hurt, ridicule or belittle someone. 

Be inclusive: all who come in peace are welcome. This is no place for prejudice. 

Have appropriate boundaries: no soliciting, sexual advances or fishing for personal details. Stay safe and look after one another.